6 Mistakes that a Real Estate Investor should avoid

CA. Disha Sureshkumar Daswani

Improper Planning

Proper planning helps you analyze the market scenarios and impacts your decision-making ability.

Improper Research

Always conduct in-depth research before making any final decision. With your research, you can  decide where you should invest your money in real estate by proper analysis.

Lack of expert advice

Not always your knowledge is the right one to implement. Have advisors and mentors in place who can guide you in the areas where you are inefficient.

Overlooking the needs of the tenant

Don’t ignore Customer retention and happiness matters the most, align your profits and match requirements regarding areas, facilities, and paying capacity of your tenant.

Underestimate expenses

The real estate property valuation helps to determine profitability, examine all the costs from initiation till giving the ownership, to get the proper price for the real estate property.

Proper Financing

Real estate investments require a larger amount of investment with getting returns after the asset is handed over. Therefore you must ensure there are viable and secured sources of financing in order to avoid cash crunch and not lose opportunities.

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